Money Money Money

Monday, from 00:00 to 01:00

Money, Money, Money is all about money and music. It’s personal finance without the jargon and money talk without the stress. We may even have the odd laugh!

Most of all it’s your programme. You decide what we talk about and you can ask all the questions you like. We cover all aspects of finance, from savings and investment through to pensions and taxation; and best of all, there’s definitely no such thing as a silly question.

So whether you want to understand the state pension or are interested in the pros and cons of the bank of Mum and Dad, have a listen and join in!

The show is all about giving people the opportunity to learn how to do things for themselves by removing the mystery and the confusing jargon. When everything’s explained in plain English, it often becomes clear what you should do without the need for specific financial advice.

Of course certain legal and financial matters do require specialist advice and Stuart doesn’t hesitate to encourage you to consult specialist advisers in such circumstances. Indeed financial education can be the ideal preparation for getting the best out of any financial advice you seek, which brings us nicely to our disclaimer... 

Disclaimer: Stuart Trow is a financial educator, not a regulated financial adviser, so cannot provide specific financial or investment advice. The opinions expressed do not constitute investment advice and regulated independent advice should be sought where appropriate.

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