Boogie With Stu

Saturday, from 08:00 to 10:00

Yes, you are right the show title originates from track 13 of Led Zepplin’s album, ‘Physical Graffiti’, and is a fitting headline to illustrate the cross section of musical genres played on the programme. From pure blues to classic rhythm and blues, there's also rock, jazz, soul, funk and the odd folk and country track.

The music spans many decades from early 1950s to present day, but there’s always a focus on the golden period, from 1965 to 1975. This is when there was an explosion of new talent in every genre, and is considered by many to be that moment in time when so many great artists and groups emerged on the music scene on both sides of the Atlantic. A number of these singers and musicians are still performing today - a testimony of their long lasting ability and contribution to the music scene.

Most of the tracks played have their roots in the basic blues chord progressions that form the DNA of a high percentage of music around today. ‘Boogie’ is a term associated with that down-to-earth raunchy style. The hypnotic rhythms and key changes that are central to the blues musical genre are what leave you with that wonderful warm feeling.

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